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Lynette at Builder Finders has been so helpful, professional and thorough with her knowledge at helping us find a fantastic builder that we trust. Lynette took the information we gave her about the project vision and budget and partnered us with a company that would deliver those visions within our budget. Using the software Prospex Lynette recommended allowed us to add or subtract items that weren't relevant to our build and this allowed a clear quote and conversations about add-ons. Lynette has been in contact with us throughout the process so far and we couldn't be happier. Can’t thank Lynette at Builder Finders enough, we would recommend to anyone seriously looking to build.


Gymea Bay

We recently used Builder Finders to help us find a builder for our renovation and are happy with the service received. The process from start to finish was easy to navigate with John's assistance. The added bonus of using this service was the connection it has with reputable and quality builders, providing us with the assurance to proceed.


Dulwich Hill

We were very 'green' when it comes to how to find a builder for our dream home. Thanks to Lynette, we are now on the way! Development Application has finally been determined & approved, Construction certificate approved and our selected builder will be starting very soon. The process was very straight forward, a little eye opening too, as we found out our neighbour was meeting unexpected costs with his builder. We could only snigger internally as this process has us covered. I have already made recommendations to others who maybe considering a builder to use this. 5stars does not qualify enough the satisfaction we have!

Carl & Cat


John Manciameli assisted us with our knock-down re-build residential project in Sydney. Being in the property industry, we had certainly heard of mortgage brokers, but we were pleasantly surprised to come across the concept of a builder broker. John presented us with a panel of certified builders that had passed a vigorous panel selection process. A builder finder's guide (similar to a mortgage broker's credit guide) was presented to us to explain the process in more detail, including how a builder qualifies for panel selection and how a builder broker gets paid. Over the ensuing 6 month period John:

  1. Introduced us to software that created a scope of works to present to the builder. The software assisted in mitigating the risk of cost overruns by specifically detailing 162 items that builders typically estimate during the build process;
  2. Organised to meet relevant builders that specialised in the creation of a custom designed home at project builder prices. The panel builders had undergone a due diligence process carried out by John and his team so that we did not have to do this (thereby saving us time); and
  3. Explained the various components of the build contract and identified areas of concern that could have led to budget overruns.

To summarise, John introduced us to a streamlined process that saved us time and money. John and his team are committed, energetic and delightful to work with. They have helped make what would have otherwise been a stressful situation, into a seamless and enjoyable process.

Eva & Dimitri


"There are pivotal moments when you look back at your property journey where it becomes obvious there were people on that journey that simply delivered results and help take you to another level. As a positive cash flow property investor, John and Kristin from Hunterwood Solutions and Builder finders are such people. As cliche as it sounds "they made a difference and changed my life".

John is not just a finance broker but also a builder broker. Yes - like you I had never heard of a builder broker before. John is pioneering a builder brokering industry and through a network of accredited builders on his panel, he tendered and brokered a builder from central western NSW for a house that burnt down. To make matters worse, council had issued an order and I was facing a big fine if construction could not be completed by a set date.

Being from Sydney and with an IT background, I had no idea about building. Let alone how to find a builder in such a remote location or questions to ask. Particularly when builders were in serious short supply during the pandemic induced construction boom, let alone 8 hours west of Sydney. Through John's sister business called Builder Finders, he found a reputable builder and tendered the contract well within my budget. Credit where it's due; a couple of hiccups but the build went as smooth as one could have expected. The final result was legimitaly better than what I thought I would ever get for the money. Eventhough its a rental property, I would have no hesitation in living there such was the quality of the fit and finish.

In terms of financing the build, again John was able to step up when no lender was offering me construction finance. John tapped into his private finance contacts and delivered a lending solution to get construction underway. John just made it happen when no traditional lender would step up. It was a huge relief to eventually get the finance, not pay a fine and get construction underway!

However, this was only the start.

With a large number of positive cash flow investment properties predominantly around regional parts of Australia, I had finance with a 3rd tier lender at a high interest rate. The fact is, when I tried to refinance, no lender or broker could solve the challenge of "rental reliance", postcode restriction, LVR restriction, serviceability issues and a myriad of other challenges. Kristin, workshopped my scenario with lenders. We got close a number of times and got knocked back at the last minute. To her credit, she simply did not give up when most brokers would have simply walked away. On the contrary, Kristin stepped up and it was not unusual to be getting emails at 2:30am in the morning with the solution to solve the latest lender objection. Quite extraordinary.

After 6 months of hard work, knock backs from lenders disappointment, loads of paperwork, we had the breakthrough! Kristin workshopped the deal with a lender and went one step further; she organised an internal team of bankers to specifically handle the almost dozen applications in one go. Each one had to start from scratch. Each one needed its own valuer. You get the picture. Through a collaborative effort with a team of bankers and a huge amount of emails and phone calls, I finally settled on all the loans.

So what was the end result?

My monthly repayments dropped from $8824per month to $3905.47 per month!! That's right, I now have an extra $4918.43 per month. On an annual basis that works out to be $59,016. Put it another way. That's like someone with a new $75k per annum salaried job.

My portfolio, even with the higher interest rates, was already cash flow positive. However, what the team at Hunterwood have been able to deliver means I now have a 6 figure passive income.

Like I said at the start of this testimonial, "they made a difference and changed my life". Best of all, I felt like I was a member of their family and nothing was too much trouble.

If you are reading this testimonial, you are probably evaluating who you should go with for your situation. Whether it's for builder brokering or finance brokering or even both, the depth and breadth of skills available to you is genuinely unique. It goes without saying I 100% encourage you to use the services that John and his team bring. In fact, I would go so far as to say, going elsewhere will cost you money.

A huge thankyou to John, Kristin, Karen and Lynette."

MJ Anthony