Family photo of the Manciamelis in their backyard.

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A better way to find a builder

Growing up, Lynette’s family had a building company, so discussing property and construction was dinner table conversation. Lynette and her husband John had the luxury of being able to call on Lynette’s father and his extended network of contacts to assist with renovating and building. However, when Lynette’s father and his contacts all started retiring, they had no one to help them to take on the latest massive renovation plans for their home. Which left them like most Australians now having to find a reputable builder. They set out like everyone else to find a builder via word of mouth and Google. They found a builder and the result was good however it was over budget and over time. Reflecting on the anxiety of this experience, they knew there had to be a better way to find a builder.

They thought it would be great to have a brokering service in the building industry. This is where Builder Finders was born. They had a dream of creating a service where an independent Builder Finder does the running around. Part of their dream was to mitigate as much risk as possible so you can find a builder that you can trust. A builder that is the right fit for your building needs, whilst saving you an enormous amount of time and money. The company is driven with a passionate desire to match the right builder with your unique property building needs.

We are driven to match the right builder with your unique building needs.

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